The Explore Rowing website can help you get started in rowing whether it's finding where your nearest club is to discovering what the world of rowing can offer to you.

Find a club

Find a clubFind a club

Check the Club Finder for the nearest venues to you and the various programmes they offer. Many clubs run open days where you can meet everyone and try it out which may be listed on their club page, or alternatively, call the club to arrange an introduction.

Keep an eye out for Explore Rowing accredited clubs where they'll deliver British Rowing approved learn to row courses.


GroupsSomething for everyone

Use the website to share your experiences with other rowers throughout the country. Why not start with our Beginners group where you can meet beginners from right around the country. Or you could write a blog article about your experience so far - you might even find it featured on the front page!

Feeling more adventurous, find out all about the different types of rowing by visiting the different groups - you could try surf rowing, masters rowing, gig rowing, touring rowing...the options are endless.

Branching Out

Branching OutBranching out

Once you've mastered the basics, start exploring! Browse through the routes that have been uploaded to the site and find one that takes your fancy. Routes vary from a short hop like Oxford to Godstow on the Thames or you could make a weekend of it with routes like on the River Trent. Once you've tried a route, come back and let people know what it was like by adding a comment or uploading your photos.

The Explore Rowing Introduction to Touring handbook will give you tips as you start out on your first few trips. To order a copy email Sophie at 

Find a club


Why not set yourself a challenge to raise money for charity or just so you can say you've done it. It could be really simple like an indoor rowing challenge or alternatively you could choose something more extreme to aim at like the Eddystone Challenge. Keep a blog with us to let people know about your training progress, and inspire other people by sharing pictures and videos after the event.

Get Involved

Get InvolvedGet Involved

If you're not quite ready to set up your own event then you can find one organised by someone else in our events section. Keep an eye on the calendar for events ranging from organised challenges to learn to row courses, tours to coastal taster days. Find out where the event is and how to sign up, then pop back afterwards to add your photos.