Caribbean Sea Rowing Expedition

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Caribbean Sea Rowing Expedition - March/April 2012

Leg 1
Port St Charles, Barbados - Montego Bay, Jamaica
1350 miles
4 weeks
$8,000 US

Leg 2
Montego Bay, Jamaica - Cancun, Mexico
650 miles
2.5 weeks
$7,000 US

Both legs $13,500

This is the first ever Caribbean Sea crossing by ocean rowing boat. It will be staged in two legs from Barbados to Jamaica and Jamaica to Mexico. The legs will be long enough to give you the flavor of a full ocean crossing whilst remaining short enough to fit around existing commitments. The crew will consist of 14 rowers and 2 skippers. Crew members and skippers will take it in turns to row and rest in alternating shifts of 2hrs on, 2hrs off.

27/10/2011 - 21:38

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