Scottish Rowing Clubs

Endorsed by Scottish Rowing

We are pleased to announce that Scottish Rowing Affiliated clubs are now able to accredit with us and deliver the Explore Rowing programme. This will give access to the Learn to Row scheme and its accompanying resources, the print portal for marketing material, and of course, the Explore Rowing website.

There are two accreditation package options, Gold and Silver. Which one you choose will depend on the numbers of participants the club anticipates putting through the programme. Each participant on a Learn to Row course will receive a Handbook to accompany the teaching.

The costs of accreditation are as follows:


  • Annual fee (£180)
  • Number of included Explore Rowing Handbooks (20)
  • Cost of additional Explore Rowing Handbooks (£4)


  • Annual Fee (£40)
  • Cost of a Handbook (£9)
  • Number of included Explore Rowing Handbooks (none)

For further details of benefits and requirements, please contact or 01698 250206.